This exquisite Mud comes from the French Brittany, with high mineral richness. 100% all natural ingredients selected to perfection. Thanks to their origin and the depth at which they are extracted, they have unique properties, due to their richness in Sulfur, Sodium, Potasium, Sodium Chloride, Silicon and Zinc.


Parafango is a mixture of Sea Mud and Paraffin. The Sea Mud is rich in minerals, and causes pore dilation and perspiration with a calming and analgesic effect. It helps eliminate toxins with an in-depth purification. Its great power of heat retention stimulates the blood circulation and revitalizes the skin. The Paraffin optimizes the penetration of the active ingredients used for deep, long-lasting effects. The paraffin helps the product sustain a gradually released fusing heat and can retain application temperature for up to an hour and a half. The Parafango stimulates the lymphatic flow on our body to draw out toxins from around the fat cells. The wrapping technique compresses the skin and compacts the soft fatty tissue making it more firm and tight.


The most popular use of the treatment includes its application to the hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Health professionals say that the mixture rids the body of toxins in these target areas, especially from fat cells. This process is said to work through the detoxifying effects of sea mud, or fango, and the heating properties of paraffin. Parafango is also supposed to help the body rid itself of fluid.







HOW? The remineralization properties of the warm Parafango (Sea Mud mixed with Paraffin) stimulates the lymphatic flow on our body to draw out toxins from around the fat cells. The wrapping technique compresses the skin and compacts the soft fatty tissue making it more firm and tight. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after the treatment to flush the body system in order to achieve further inch loss. We guarantee in one session a total minimum loss of 1 inch on the thighs or 1/2 inch on the waist provided no weight has been gained. The customer is weighed and measurements are taken before and after the treatment. The total inch loss is calculated by adding the loss from each area together. For maximum benefits you should calculate a minimum of 5 sessions and the client will normally lose between 2 to 3 inches total.




This new treatment allows you to apply the product only where you need it. Applying the Parafango in the desired areas and wrapping them will guarantee effective results to keep those inches off. The wrapping process lifts flabby buttocks, breasts, flattens the abdomen and generally contours the figure. The parafango wrap was designed to take inches off rather than pounds but most customers will feel firmer and slimmer.





Using the Cream-gel exfoliant will remove dead skin cells and allow the Parafango to gently exfoliate the skin when removed. No water or shower is needed to remove the Parafango since it is simply peeled off. The Sea Mud mixed with paraffin deeply moisturizes and improves the skin tone. Use it as a body polish or for clients with stretchmarks, whom will notice an improvement after being unwrapped since the skin is tightened.




Cellulite is a common problem affecting women. The "toxified fatty deposits" or cellulite, are stored within the skin tissue trapping water and inhibiting the flow to the lymphatic system, which is the body's natural waste disposal system. The active ingredients in the ampoules such as Aminophylline, Gingko Biloba, Guarana Extract (Caffeine Liposomes) combined with the warmth of the parafango work in synergy to degrade fat and stimulate the elimination of fluids. Women will have excellent results in reducing cellulite.






*Softens the skin

*Reduce Pain

*Drain Liquids



*Improves Funtion of  the venous System Circulatory and Lymphatic




  • Tumors

  • A severe cardiac

  • Pulmonary or renal disease

  • acute disease in general

  • Phlebitis

  • Bleeding tendency

  • Skin sensitivity disorders

  • Wounds, fresh scars, dermatitis, allergic rashes

  • Caution with persons with diabetes!




Half Body  $75  (lower, upper, front or back)         

Full Body $120

Face & Neck $80 (with mini facial)




Package of 3 Half Body Wrap $220  SAVE $5              (5) $365   SAVE $10                     (10) $700    SAVE $50

Package of 3 Full Body Wrap $400   SAVE $20            (5) $650   SAVE $50                     (10) $1100  SAVE $300

Package of 3 Face & Neck      $ 220   SAVE $20            (5) $350  SAVE $50                     (10) $650    SAVE $150