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​30 mins from $45

Massage is a relaxing experience, it helps to release toxins, provide nutrition to the tissue and joints, and relieve  pain. We want to meet and exceed your expectations, that is why; we recommend that you discuss your goals with our therapists. Just relax and enjoy your journey to heaven!

Ultra Cavitation, also known as "Liposuction without surgery", is a non-invasive treatment to shape the body and eliminate cellulite, achieving satisfactory results in volume reduction and cellulite from the first session.


30 mins from $50​

You may merely enjoy the pampering and relaxation you feel when receiving a facial treatment, but there are a multitude of other benefits that offer you and your skin health and wellness.

Body treatments are a great way to help manage the health of both your skin and your overall immune system. We spend an awful lot of time and effort to make sure our faces look as young and healthy as possible  but many women often ignore the health of the skin on the rest of their bodies.