Relaxation Awaits

Gift Certificates​

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Thank You! With so many healthy benefits, a Doors To Heaven gift certificate is a great idea for any occasion.

Ultra Shape Cavitation​

Ultra Cavitation, also known as "Liposuction without surgery", is a non-invasive treatment to shape the body and eliminate cellulite, achieving satisfactory results in volume reduction and cellulite from the first session.


Massage is a relaxing experience, it helps to release toxins, provide nutrition to the tissue and joints, and relieve  pain. We want to meet and exceed your expectations, that is why; we recommend that you discuss your goals with our therapists.

Waxing Services​

Waxing unwanted hair from the face and body begins with a thorough cleansing to the area you want waxed with a natural antiseptic lotion to remove all excess oil and bacteria from the skin.